Plastic Extrusion

Extrusion works by pushing plastic through a die. The shape of the die is a cross-section of the final part.

The Manufacturing Process
  • Plastic extrusion: Plastic pellets are heated and pushed through a heated barrel by a screw.
  • Profile: Plastic is forced through a die that creates the final shape of the part.
  • Cooling: The extruded plastic is cooled and hardened.
  • Cut or spool: The continuous shape is spooled or cut into lengths.
At Plextrusion, we use extrusion machinery that provides exacting standards, yet keeps your budgetary requirements aligned.

With our extrusion techniques, we can improve quality and consistency.

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At Plextrusions, Inc., we offer a variety of capabilities for your professional plastic extrusion needs. While specializing in extruding a wide range of flexible and rigid PVC profiles, we offer extrusion for many different plastics.

We own our own manufacturing facility located in North Ridgeville, Ohio – just outside of Cleveland, only 25 minutes from Cleveland Hopkins Airport. 

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